The next level... 

Things are changing... more of my gifts are selling (mostly the high end ones) and perhaps more significantly, they are selling to strangers, not just my family and friends. People are finding my website on the internet, and liking what they see enough to make a purchase!! This actually blows my mind!!! But, going back to my incredible family and friends... I would not have gotten this far without the high level of support they have shown me. It is they who share my social media posts and send my gifts to their friends and colleagues, who are helping to lay the foundations for a strong Hummingbird GB brand. For this I will be forever grateful.

One of the biggest shifts recently has been the baby steps I have taken into the world of corporate gifting. Having fulfilled my first "corporate" order for a local estate agent, I have also approached several other small businesses in the hope that they like the style and level of my products and place an order. Of course, there will be many, many knock backs ahead, and for this I am ready... bring on the next level!!!

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