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G and TLC....

This week I was asked to create a custom gift for a lady who's best friend's dad had just passed away. Her friend is a florist and so a huge bouquet of sympathy flowers just wasn't going to cut it. I was told that she liked gin and asked to design a box around that....where do I start?! I knew that this gift had to say so much. It had to say "I'm so sorry for what you're going through right now" and "I am thinking of you" and most of all it had to say "I'm here for you always"...

This was the finished design. A full bottle of Limehouse aromatic gin, an organic bar of gin and tonic chocolate wrapped in coordinating paper and ribbon and then a few pampering treats. A Gentle organic soap, some face scrubs made from repurposed coffee grounds and an essential oil "Rest" candle from Hobo+Co. I hoped that this gift with such a special reason behind it would do its job...

This is the first time that I felt huge pressure when creating a gift. The gifts that I am used to putting together are for happy reasons- a special birthday, Mother's Day, or a Thank You gift. But this was different, a sad occasion which needed to say so much more than words....

Thankfully the lady loved it (and gave me a lovely review) and her friend appreciated everything that she was trying to say. I know that there will be more of these sympathy gifts in the future and I hope that this experience will help me to do each and every one of them justice đź’•

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