A Passion For Creating Fine Gifts   

Our mission is to ensure that giving fine gifts is as heartwarming as receiving them.

Let me introduce myself as Tammy Banks, wife and mum to three boys. I founded Hummingbird Gift Boxes to create a brand with gift options that were sophisticated, practical and a joy both to send and receive.

As a long time admirer of products with great branding and packaging (and with a creative streak desperate to be released!) I knew that it was time to create a gift business with boxes that were thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged! I decided it was time to stop day-dreaming and start doing!


Our focus is on product sourcing, marketing, and supporting other small businesses, both locally and Worldwide. We have a passion for eco-friendly, sustainable, animal-kind products and source these wherever possible.

We love sourcing and piecing together incredible gifts (especially the edible kind!) but we feel it’s not enough to simply put lovely items inside a pretty box. We value the customer experience and reliable logistics as much as the amazing products. We aim to make your experience of giving a Hummingbird Gift Box as stress-free as possible, knowing that your gift and the recipient are important to us each and every time you order.

We hope to make gifting as easy as a couple of clicks, but for it to feel as personal as if you'd spent hours designing a gift which is as individual as your friends, clients, family or work colleagues.